Company Overview

RES International Group of Companies is the exclusive representative for several Chinese automotive and related product manufacturers.

All OEM products branded RES will be manufactured by established, globally focused companies providing you Reliable, Economical and Safe products at a significant cost advantage.

RES branded products will be supported by an international network of dealerships providing sales and service under the trade name RESMOTORS.

Learn More About RES

Watch this overview video to understand RES unique approach to the Automotive industry, and learn about RES vision from the Leadership team.  Following the video are a few slides which summarizes RES core values.



    Discover how we came to be...

    All automobiles and products are selected based on high quality manufacturing that is assembled in state-of-the-art facilities with unsurpassed quality control. RES will provide a warranty program that will meet and exceed local warranty programs in the selected territory. The selection of the products for each area will be based on local market conditions. In addition, RES will establish a local help line for immediate feedback of customer concerns and local parts facilities to ensure customer satisfaction.

    RES’s selected manufacturers will supply fuel efficient, economically manufactured vehicles including gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric engines that sell for significantly less than comparable models in that market

    All RES vehicles will meet or surpass all local government safety standards. RES will train service technicians to produce a quality service experience and customer satisfaction. RES will provide technical training facilities, instructors, and equipment. A help line will be available for service personnel to connect with the manufacturer’s databases and expertise. Our products are backed by a competitive warranty program administered by local dealership personnel to provide complete customer satisfaction.
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